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            In order to give the “best” services to clients, advisors need high level education on multiple subjects and a unique team supporting their efforts. No other RIA offers training or support to IARs like POM Planning

            What kind of advice do most advisors give clients?

            -Insurance agents typically deal with life insurance (term, whole life, universal, indexed), fixed annuities, fixed-indexed annuities, long-term care, and disability.

            -Securities-licensed advisors typically deal with mutual funds, variable annuities, variable life, stocks, bonds, and various money-management platforms. 

            At POM Planning, we believe that, in order for advisors to give their clients the “best” advice and, in turn, the “best” services, they need to know more than just their narrow area of expertise.

            Asset-Protection Example—it’s not enough to know how to help clients manage their brokerage accounts. Most accounts are in their own name. So what? Accounts owned in a client’s own name are 100% at risk to ALL creditors. This is NOT good service. Brokerage accounts at a minimum should be owned in domestic or international LLCs (multi-member).  Using LLCs provides a significant level of protection from creditors.  

            How can clients have Peace of Mind (POM) if their assets are not protected from creditors? Answer: They can’t.

            Retirement Planning—just about every financial planner advertises that they provide “retirement-planning” advice. We at POM Planning believe it’s impossible to give the “best” service when it comes to retirement planning unless you understand at a minimum the proper use of FIAs (including FIAs with income riders), Equity Indexed Universal Life (EIUL) insurance, conservative money-management platforms, and the use of no-load variable annuities.

            Example—what would most Series 7 licensed advisors tell a 60 year old who has a total net worth of less than $1.5 million and $500,000 saved in an IRA?  Keep the $500,000 in a “properly balanced mix of stocks, mutual funds, and bonds?”  Of course—and how would that have worked out over the last 20 years?  It would have yielded a return of less than 4.3% (see the 2012 DALBAR study (click here to download)).

            To give the “best” service/advice to these types of clients, agents must be familiar with income rider annuities (both VA and FIAs).  Since most FIAs have better income-riders than VAs, the advisor in this example should discuss them with the client.  

            Educational Training (which is different than technical money-management training)

            We at POM Planning strive to help IARs learn what they need to in order to be the most well-rounded advisors in the industry and outshine with ANY competition.  

            In order to make sure our advisors know what they need to know in order to give the “best” service and the “best” advice, we have negotiated a deal with The Wealth Preservation Institute ( to have our advisors take the Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP™) course at NO COST*. *There are production requirements to get access to the course at no cost.

             The CWPP™ course is the only “advanced” educational course in the industry that teaches advisors the following topics (not an exhaustive list):

            Asset protection, income-tax reduction (401(h), 412(e)3, cash-balance plans, Section 79 Plans, Captive Insurance Companies), advanced estate planning (IDGTs, freeze partnerships, SCINs, GST, GRATs, etc.), life insurance, annuities, college planning, ESOPs, life settlements, IRA planning, premium-financed life, Medicaid planning, and charitable planning (CRTs, CGAs, family foundations).

            To download the entire outline for the CWPP™ course, please click here.

            Unmatched Resources—POM Planning has as strategic partners some of the top law firms from around the country who are available to support advisors who need help with large case design. This is imperative when dealing with clients who have a net worth in excess of $10 million or business owners who earn in excess of $500,000 or more a year.

            Bottom Line—if you are currently an IAR or if you are an insurance-only licensed agent who is thinking of becoming an IAR, there is only one choice you need to make if your goal is to provide the best service to your current and future clients.  That choice is to become an IAR under POM Planning.

            If you would like to learn more about how POM Planning can help you grow your business, earn more income, and provide better services to your clients, please click here to fill out a request-for-more-information form.


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