If you are looking for information on the bond fund Roccy DeFrancesco alluded to in his newsletter Beware of IMOs Offering RIA services (2017 Edition), click here to download.

I'm not sure why anyone would use a bond strategy with virtually no track record when there are others out there with track records that go back to before the 2007 market crash.

Thank you for your interst in the year-end numbers for our low and moderate drawdown risk (moderate by our standards but lower risk by industry standards) strategies.

To download the spreadsheet with the 1st quarter 2017 numbers with data going back 10-years, please click here.

Top three conservative risk managers:

-The top three "conservative" strategies have an average Beta of .28* with an average annual return going back seven years of 10.14%* net of fees.

Top three moderate risk managers:

-The top three "moderate-risk" strategies have a Beta of .46* with an average annual return going back seven years of 19.24%* net of fees.

*Numbers year-ending 2016.

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