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            While POM Planning’s #1 goal is to support advisors so the “best” services/advice can be given to clients, POM Planning is also dedicated to helping its advisors earn more money (and, coincidentally, the two go hand in hand).

            Most insurance agents make money strictly selling fixed annuities, life insurance, and some with disability and/or long-term care insurance. Most securities-licensed advisors make their money mainly from Assets Under Management (AUM).

            While there is nothing wrong with either model, a better model is to make sure advisors are able to earn money from both.

            Helping insurance-only licensed agentsPOM Planning specializes in helping insurance-only licensed agents learn proper money management so they can offer more services to clients and gather millions of dollars under management.

            Insurance-only licensed agents can do a good job for their clients when properly recommending fixed products to help them grow and protect their wealth, but they could do a better job for their clients if they also could offer a “conservative” money-management platform (one that dovetails with the conservative nature of using FIAs and EIULs as wealth-building/retirement tools). Click here to learn about our “conservative” money-management.

            POM Planning has a history of successPOM Planning through its unique training program (click here to learn more) has a history of helping insurance-only licensed agents add “conservative” money-management services to their practice.

            The goal for every new IAR that comes on board with POM Planning is to at a minimum help them pick up $4 million under management every year while at the same time building their sales of fixed annuities and life insurance (the two really go hand in hand).

            With the unique/conservative money-management platform POM Planning offers, the average ANNUAL compensation an advisor can make is 1% of the assets under management.

            If an insurance-only advisor comes on board as an IAR and gathers $4 million under management (the average for a good advisor) for the next ten years, look at the income for the advisor (remember the assets under management should increase every year which increases compensation, and the 6% used in the following example is well below the average return from the conservative money-management platform).

  Start of Year New 6% Year End Annual
Year Balance AUM Growth Balance Compensation
1 $0 $4,000,000 $240,000 $4,240,000 $42,400
2  $4,240,000 $4,000,000  $494,400  $8,734,400 $87,344
3 $8,734,400 $4,000,000 $764,064 $13,498,464 $134,984
4  $13,498,464 $4,000,000  $1,049,908  $18,548,372 $185,483
5  $18,548,372 $4,000,000  $1,352,902  $23,901,274 $239,012
6  $23,901,274 $4,000,000  $1,674,076  $29,575,351 $295,753
7  $29,575,351 $4,000,000  $2,014,521  $35,589,872 $355,898
8  $35,589,872 $4,000,000  $2,375,392  $41,965,264 $419,652
9  $41,965,264 $4,000,000  $2,757,916  $48,723,180 $487,231
10  $48,723,180 $4,000,000  $3,163,391  $55,886,571 $558,865

             It’s become increasingly difficult for insurance-only agents to keep their income at the same place as previous years.  By adding the ability to help clients with a “conservative” money-management platform, advisors can expand their ability to pick up new clients and significantly increase their earning capacity.

            Sign up NOW to learn more—if you are ready to learn more about becoming an IAR under POM Planning’s RIA, please click here to fill out a request for more information.

            Helping advisors who already have their IAR or RIA—POM Planning can also help advisors who are already licensed in the three following areas:

            1) Unique/conservative money-management platform. POM Planning has a very unique money-management platform that hedges risk in the market while at the same time providing returns that have historically beaten the measuring stock indexes. To learn about this unique money-management platform, please click here.

            2) Training. POM Planning offers one-of-a-kind training to teach advisors how to pick apart brokerage statements of clients who work with firms like Merrill Lynch, UBS, Edward Jones, and any client who has their money managed by a Broker Dealer. To learn more about our training, please click here.

            3) Increasing fixed life and annuity sales. Most security-licensed advisors do not fully understand the power and protective nature of fixed insurance products (FIAs and EIULs specifically). POM Planning specializes in helping teach advisors the ins and outs of these products and how they can be used as an integral part of a conservative wealth-building/retirement planning platform.

            Sign up NOW to learn more—if you would like to learn more about how POM Planning can help you grow your business, earn more income, and provide better services to your clients, please click here to fill out a request-for-more-information form.


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