We at POM Planning know it’s not enough to help educate advisors on how to properly manage money in a conservatively managed portfolio.  We know that in order to allow our advisors to be successful, we have to help them market their ability to help clients on multiple levels.

            We also know that, one reason insurance-only licensed agents do not want to obtain a securities license is because they don’t believe they can market themselves properly through website content, client newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, illustration software, etc.

            Two-day training—our marketing platform at POM Planning is unique in the industry. It starts with our one-of-a-kind, two-day, in-person training (click here to learn more).  Our training helps advisors pick apart brokerage-account statements of potential clients so you can illustrate to them the excessive fees many are paying, how at risk their money is to stock-market crashes, and how much it has underperformed over the last 1-, 3-, 5-, 10-, 20 years.

            With the knowledge from our field training, you will be empowered to talk with potential clients and will be armed with the knowledge you need to pick up their managed accounts (as well as make appropriate sales of fixed life and annuities).

            Other marketing tools

            In addition to our training, POM Planning has several pre-approved marketing tools. If you have questions about these tools, please e-mail

            -Unique qualified retirement-plan platform. One of the areas where IARs can gather millions of dollars under management and sell FIAs is inside qualified plans. The problem is that it’s very difficult to differentiate one qualified platform from another. That is until now.

            The POM Planning qualified-plan platform is unique in the following ways:

            1) The ability to offer FIAs with guaranteed income riders
            2) The ability to offer 401(h) plans that allow money to grow tax free and be removed tax free for post-retirement medical expenses.
            3) The most legally discriminatory plan designs that include combo plans (cash balance/401(k)/PSPs).

            If you would like information on our unique qualified retirement-plan platform, e-mail

            -Templated website.  It is vitally important for advisors to have a website that is more than a business card. A website should educate and motivate clients to learn more and, ultimately, want to work with the advisor. To view what a typical site would look like, please click here. The website has several optional educational videos that advisors can have on the site.

            -Ability to give CPE credit to CPAs. If you are an IAR with POM Planning, you will have the ability to give in excess of 30 hours of Certified Education (CE) credit seminars to CPAs, EAs and accountants. Many advisors have made millions of dollars network marketing with CPAs.  There is no better way to lift your credibility with CPAs than to be the “expert” giving them CPE seminars.

OnPointe Investment Risk Software

            The need to communicate the value of tactical money management is key. To do that, we use the best software in the industry. To learn about this best in class software, click here.





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