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             Insurance-only licensed advisors—the following is why you will want to obtain your Series 65 and work as an IAR under our RIA.

             If you sell fixed life insurance or annuities, it’s tough out there right now. Clients are all skeptics, and many are leery of buying products that tie up their money long term (even if they come with guaranteed returns/income or can grow tax free without risk and be removed tax free).

            If you sell products to make a living, you have pressure on you every year to make new sales. This pressure many times makes advisors do things they shouldn't to make sales.

            While POM Planning through its one-of-a-kind training (click here to learn more) will help advisors pick up new fixed life and annuity sales, our firm will also help advisors who rely on new sales to move in a different and safer direction by helping them gather millions of dollars under management.

            What is security to an advisor?—is it fair to say that you’d feel secure knowing that, if you didn’t sell any fixed products over the next 12 months, you’d still generate an income of $134,00 a year?

            Would it interest you to know that for many it only takes three years to become a well-trained POM Planning advisor to reach this security threshold?

            A typical well-trained advisor who attends our unique one-of-a-kind training sessions gathers $4 million under management every year (while at the same time increasing their fixed-product sales that go hand in hand with our unique “conservative” money-management platform (click here to learn more about our platform)).

            If you become a well-trained advisor by coming on board as an IAR with our RIA, look at the income you can generate for yourself over the next 10 years (remember the assets under management should increase every year which increases compensation, and the 6% used in the following example is well below the average return from the conservative money-management platform).

  Start of Year New 6% Year End Annual
Year Balance AUM Growth Balance Compensation
1 $0 $4,000,000 $240,000 $4,240,000 $42,400
2  $4,240,000 $4,000,000  $494,400  $8,734,400 $87,344
3 $8,734,400 $4,000,000 $764,064 $13,498,464 $134,984
4  $13,498,464 $4,000,000  $1,049,908  $18,548,372 $185,483
5  $18,548,372 $4,000,000  $1,352,902  $23,901,274 $239,012
6  $23,901,274 $4,000,000  $1,674,076  $29,575,351 $295,753
7  $29,575,351 $4,000,000  $2,014,521  $35,589,872 $355,898
8  $35,589,872 $4,000,000  $2,375,392  $41,965,264 $419,652
9  $41,965,264 $4,000,000  $2,757,916  $48,723,180 $487,231
10  $48,723,180 $4,000,000  $3,163,391  $55,886,571 $558,865

            Sign up NOW to learn more—if you are ready to learn more about becoming an IAR under POM Planning’s RIA, please click here to fill out a request for more information. Isn’t it time you built a business to make you and your family financially secure?

            Advisors who already have a securities license—the following is why you will want to work with POM Planning.

            It you currently have money under management, you know that it’s tougher than ever to differentiate yourself and make your clients happy.

            POM Planning through its one-of-a-kind training (click here to learn more) will help advisors learn how to pick apart brokerage accounts of competitors.  Additionally, with POM's unique “conservative” money-management platform (click here to learn more), you will be able to show clients how they can grow their money at rates that have historically outperformed the major stock indexes with much lower risk.

            Increased fixed life and annuity sales—POM Planning knows the proper use of fixed life and annuity sales when putting together an appropriate retirement plan for clients. When you can bring a conservative money-management platform to clients that dovetail with the proper use of fixed products, you have the best of both worlds. Doing so will increase your ability to provide the best services to your clients and, in turn, significantly increase your income.

            Sign up NOW to learn more—if you are ready to start working with POM Planning, please click here to fill out a request for more information.


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