Advisor Success Stories/Glowing Advisor Training Comments

Advisor Success Stories

  Glowing Advisor Training Comments


            I have been extremely impressed with your RIA. As an advisor in the mature and retiree market segment, it is extremely important to me to offer my clients money-management platforms that have a proven, long-term track record of consistent, excellent returns while recording positive returns even in years when the overall market is significantly down. Since you are a long-time producer yourself, it’s great that you offer no-nonsense training that focuses on leveraging your forward-thinking, conservative, low-risk approach versus the big-name stock brokers who are still offering their clients the same old outdated and risk-laden advice.

Thanks, Craig


            I wanted to give you some feedback as to how my experience has been in my first two months with your RIA.  As you were aware, I was an Annuity-and-Life-only agent before taking my 65 and joining Horter in May. I must say it has been a blessing for my business. Having your portfolio platform to present to clients makes selling an annuity much easier. I have written a little over a million in annuity business in the last month and over $300,000 with Booked Money under Management. I have a little over a million in business that I am tying up loose ends to submit by the end of my second month. 

            I have gone through my files of those clients who did not do business with me, and there is a little over a hundred million of investable assets to work with. I am optimistic that having more than a one-horse show to offer I will be able to convert at least $10 million of that under management and at least $3 million in annuity business. 

            Your training was so enlightening in creating wedges and doubts about their current advisers that I am confident of building my book quickly. Your support team is impeccable and makes it easy to do business.



            Thanks for putting on the training sessions and investing your time. I learned a lot and look forward to building my AUM for both our benefits. What you have put together is what I have been looking for to offer my clients as an alternative to the same old buy-and-hope option.

            I plan on attending the March training sessions and the following few months to absorb it all.



            Thank you for hosting us last week. It was time well spent. I will immediately start to shift our marketing to incorporate the managed-money piece. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you.



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