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Would you like to pay off your mortgage 5, 10, 15+ years early with a plan that does NOT require you to change your lifestyle and has no downside risk.

That plan actually exits and it’s called the Home Equity Acceleration Plan (HEAP). it’s been around for some time and I’ve written a book explaining HEAP as well as created a software program to help implement the program. If you would like a copy of my HEAP book, email me at

Until now my HEAP software has been a desktop program. Just recently I turned the software into a mobile app. that you can get on Iphone, Android, and Microsoft.

Get my mortgage acceleration app for FREE

The app. sells for $9.99, but for those who receive my educational newsletters, I’m allowing you to download the app for FREE.

How do you get the app? Simply click on the following link: H.E.A.P.™ Plan


If you’ve always dreamed of paying off your home mortgage, now is your chance to get started down that path by downloading my new HEAP App.

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