Use a Decision Tree to Decide if You
Should Become Series 65 Licensed

One of the reasons we built POM Planning was to support insurance agents who recently passed the Series 65 exam. It was also built for Series 7 licensed advisors who want to move to the managed money world (the IAR/RIA world).

To learn more about what POM Planning has to offer, simply surf around this site and we think you’ll like what you see.

For those on the fence about getting a 65 license, we created two downloadable PDF decision trees.

To download EXAMPLES of pre-filled in decision trees, click on the following:

Insurance agent
Series 7 licensed advisor

To download a BLANK decision tree you can fill out, click on the following:

Insurance agent
Series 7 licensed advisor

Once you go through the decision tree exercise, a clear answer should be staring you in the face (get a license or not).

For those who decide to move forward to get their 65 license, email to set up a call about the best ways to study for the 65 exam and to get more information about the POM Planning platform.

Learn How Medicare Planning Can Double Your Income

Webinar—On Recording

To attend this webinar, click on the following link:

How big is the Medicare market? How about every single American who turns 65 (more then 10,000 every day)!

Stealing your clients—if you don’t help your clients with Medicare, your competitors will! Ask any 65-year old how many solicitations they received three months before they turned 65. Many will say multiple calls every day.

So learning this topic is for self-preservation and lead generation.

Medicare is a topic that can help advisors:

1) find 25+ new clients every year

2) substantially increase your income

3) create reoccurring revenue

To learn the A, B, C’s of Medicare planning and about a proven lead system where leads can cost as little as $6 a piece, sign up to attend the webinar!