An RIA Built for IARs

While POM Planning can work with other RIAs, it was primarily built to work with advisors who are or who want to become IARs and use a ready-made platform.

What do we mean by ready-made?

-The due diligence on 3rd party managers has already been done.

-The portfolios have already been built.

-The ability to onboard new clients is instant.

-All the trading and reporting is done for advisors and their clients so IARs don’t have to worry about it.

-The industry’s best case design team is ready to go and are accessible to IARs who come on board.

-We have some of the best marketing tools in the industry to help IARs onboard new clients.

We understand the use of FIAs and IULs as asset classes

At POM Planning we use FIAs in some of our model portfolios.

We embrace the use of IULs as a tax-free asset class for clients.

IARs can focus on client acquisition

The goal of our platform is to provide unparalleled back office support so advisors can focus their time on client acquisition, not the minutia of running or managing an RIA.