Case Design Support

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Fiduciary Duty—According to the Cornell Law Dictionary, “A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care.” It entails always acting in your beneficiary’s best interest, even if doing so is contrary to yours.

RIAs and IARs are fiduciaries. However, many times these types of advisors are NOT fulfilling their fiduciary duty to clients.

We at POM Planning have an advisory board and design team that is second to none. Their collective credentials include: JD, LLM, CPA, CFA, CFP®, CMP, CAPP, ChFC, CLU®, MSFS, CVA, ABAR, CM&AA, CCIM, and more.

It is our goal to help advisors fulfill their fiduciary duty to their clients (and avoid lawsuits in the process).

Process, Process, Process

One reason most advisors are NOT fulfilling their fiduciary duty to clients is because they do NOT have a process when giving advice.

POM Planning has a proven sales process advisors can use to provide the best and most suitable advice to clients while fulfilling their fiduciary duty.

What advice do we help advisors give to clients to protect and grow their wealth?

1) Asset Protection (this is the #1 most overlooked service advisors are not providing clients)

2) Estate Planning

3) Mitigating Risk in the stock market (providing the best risk-adjusted returns you can)

4) Tax Minimization

5) Corporate structure as well as buy/sell/business transition planning

6) Long-Term Care Planning

POM Planning is product agnostic

We will help advisors use in an appropriate manner protective wealth building tools like FIAs and IULs.

We will also tell advisors when we believe products are not appropriate or not appropriate in the amount an advisor would like to use.

Again, we are here as a unique resource for advisors to help give them a process and to help them ultimately give the best and most suitable advice to clients.