Estate Planning

If you are a POM Planning affiliated advisor and need help with a client’s estate plan, email

As part of a comprehensive planning process with clients, we highly recommend advisors review their client’s current estate plan (or lack thereof).

We don’t expect advisors to be attorneys, but POM Planning has at its disposal attorneys who can:

1) help evaluate a client’s estate plan

2) make recommendations as to how to fix or improve an estate plan

3) draft documents for implementation

The first line of help will be having Advisory Board member Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP review the client’s situation. Then he can bring in other resources as necessary at the client’s request and approval (like attorneys who will not only draft documents but will also subscribe to a fee schedule).

Far too often clients are taken advantage of by attorneys who charge far too much for basic estate planning documents (wills, trusts, durables, etc.). Attorneys who work with POM Planning advisors have price sanity when billing clients.

Additionally, attorneys who work with POM Planning advisors will get work done in a timely manner. It is common for attorneys to take weeks or even months to draft and implement documents. This is not in the client’s best interest and will not be tolerated by POM Planning.