John Lalonde

John i simply the best qualified plan designer in the business. His specialty is advanced plan designs for high-income/closely held businesses. His firm is also the only firm in the industry that can admin a 401(h) Plan (the only qualified retirement plan where money comes out tax-free). 

John began his career in the benefits industry in 1971. In 1976, he formed the first of three administrative and actuarial service companies to which he provided executive and management skills either as a principal or managing partner in a career now spanning over 45 years.  

John is an independent, national, qualified plan actuary offering third party administrator (TPA) services to qualified plans a fee-only basis.  He pioneered The Super 401k Plan™ which is a combined qualified plan design identity based on the changes to IRC Sec. 404(a)(7) as introduced by the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

John graduated from Northern Illinois University with a business/accounting major and a degree in education. Post-graduate work at DePaul (Chicago) and other institutions has been centered in accounting, tax, finance, computer science, and benefit planning. He holds four post-graduate professional designations.

In 2003 John also co-founded the Fiduciary Advisory Board, an independent advisory think tank with Dean David Link. Dave served as Dean of the Notre Dame School of Law for 26 years and is a partner at Winston & Strawn (Ret.) Chicago, Il.

Mr. Lalonde resides in SW Michigan close to the University of Notre Dame campus with his wife, Kaye, and their family. John enjoys church, family, golf, and spectator sports, especially football (Notre Dame and University of Michigan).