Marketing Tools

Most of the marketing tools POM Planning-affiliated advisors will be able to get access to will come through its affiliation with Advisor Share (AShare).

AShare is an IMO that has many different types of marketing tools advisors can use to educate and motivate clients.

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Asset Protection–The Wedge

If you want to go after affluent clients, this book is a MUST read. it provides a road map for advisors to use to go after and pick up affluent clients.

OnPointe Risk Client Questionnaire–this questionnaire is needed for suitability and sales, but as a stand-alone, it can be a nice lead gen tool advisors can and should use on their website, email signature, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

OnPointe Risk Quick Score App–this is a terrific little app that allows consumers to score one asset at a time to determine its investment risk. It can and should also be used for lead gen on website, email signature, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

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