Most RIAs say they help advisors with marketing, but for most, that’s just lip service.

POM Planning has several ways to help advisors find and onboard new clients.

1) Great AUM story to tell—it’s tough to differentiate yourself in the AUM space. Most firms and most advisors do relatively the same thing (asset allocation).

The POM Planning story is different. We use a combination of assets that many firms don’t use. We use strategic and tactical money managers to drive growth in portfolios. We use FIAs when appropriate to bring down risk. We use Artificial Intelligence in many portfolios to take emotion out of part of the portfolio as well as to bring down costs.

This story coupled with portfolio construction that is designed to yield superior risk-adjusted returns makes for a great story to help advisors differentiate themselves.

2) Marketing tools—POM Planning advisors will have access to several unique marketing tools through our affiliation with AdvisorShare and Roccy DeFrancesco. Click here to learn about these tools.

3) Online lead gen—in this technology age it’s important to be able to generate leads online at a reasonable cost. There are normally two ways to do this. 1) Use a 3rd party software program and do it yourself with your own content or 2) hire a firm to do it for you (using your content or their pre-made content).

There is a 3rd option for advisors affiliated with POM Planning. Because Roccy DeFrancesco’s OnPointe Marketing Suite of software has a lead gen component built-in, because OnPointe has pre-made lead funnels with everything that is needed to launch a lead gen campaign, and because Roccy has already tested these lead funnels, POM-affiliated advisors can generate leads with certainty (price, quantity, and quality).