Our Philosophy on Money Management

Our philosophy on money management is fairly simple. We want to find the best 3rd party managers we can and use them appropriately when constructing portfolios.

The key with any RIA platform is to offer a diverse grouping of portfolios so advisors can choose ones that are the most “suitable” for clients to help them achieve their financial planning goals.

Our portfolios are constructed and overseen by:


Our portfolios are a bit different than most RIAs. Why?

Because when we are talking about asset allocation we are talking about using asset classes like FIAs (Fixed Indexed Annuities), strategies designed by AI (Artificial intelligence), as well as various 3rd party money managers (who all have different styles).

Our portfolios are designed to fit three primary categories of investors:


-Our portfolios have different fee structures. They range from 1.046% to 1.85%.

-Our portfolios all have an OnPointe Risk Analyzer “Risk Score.”

-Currently, we have 19 different portfolios advisors can choose from. Advisors can also work with POM if they think there is a valid need to deviate from the 19 pre-constructed portfolios.

We also have a “white glove” service advisors can tap into (this is for higher net worth clients who need or demand a more hands-on/unique investment offering).

If you would like to download a summary of returns of our portfolios, a list of how they are constructed, and the fees for each, click on the image below.






Our Portfolios

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