Thank you for your interest in reading the 6-page summary I created on Risk Capacity (someone’s financial ability to take risk).

Click here to download the summary in a PDF form. 

If you are using Riskalyze, Hidden Levers, Tolerisk, or others, it’s time time for you to check out the industry’s most accurate risk assessment software (OnPointe).

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To try the OnPointe client questionnaire which scores a client’s risk tolerance AND risk capacity, click here.

3rd Party Tactical Managers

If you are NOT using 3rd party tactical managers to hedge risk in the stock market for your clients, why aren’t you?

While it’s true that many 3rd party tactical managers are average or even NOT very good, POM Planning has done it’s due diligence and we’ve found what we think are some real diamonds in the rough (good managers who are not well known).

To learn more about POM Planning’s multi-manager/tactical portfolios, click here.