Top Target-Date Funds…Worse Than Ever!

Thank you for your interest in my T-D fund newsletter. It’s truly amazing how much positive hype T-D funds receive when these funds are terrible!

I used OnPointe Risk Analyzer (the industry’s best risk analysis software) to compare six of Morningstar’s highest rated T-D funds to a 60/40 mix of stocks to bonds and to our POM Planning’s “multi-manager” moderate growth portfolio

The conclusion is that the client would have been better off with a 60/40 blend and MUCH better off with the POM WM portfolio (which has some of the highest CALMAR Ratios in the industry. If you are not using my favorite risk metric (CALMAR Ratio), you can click here to learn more about it. This is a metric available in EVERY OnPointe Risk output. 

Download the 12-page comparison

Click here or on the following image to download the 12-page T-D fund comparison.